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You Are Here and Not Here: the Self Reconfigured

Immigrant as Spy: Comparing Spy Identity in Native Speaker and The Sympathizer

Geo Moon, Seoul National University

The Third World Woman in Southeast Asian Rape-Revenge Films

Phoebe Pua, National University of Singapore


 “I felt like a Global Citizen:” Constructing the Mobile Singaporean Voluntourist in Travel Narratives

Vincent Pak, National University of Singapore


Unnatural and Inevitable: Home in Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry

Jahyeon Kwon, Seoul National University


Space, Materiality and Reflexivity in Instagram Posts

Gloria Dou, University of Hong Kong

Gender and Sexuality

On Politics of Traumas in Doris Lessing’s The Grass is Singing

Yuhsuan Shen, National Taiwan University


Charlotte Smith’s The Emigrants: A Portrait of the Wretched Mother

July Ban, Seoul National University


Beyond the Separate Spheres: Intermediate Ground in Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South

Anneliese Ng, University of Hong Kong


Women Who Fail in Love: Augusta Webster’s “Circe” and “Medea in Athens,” and Amy Levy’s “Xantippe”

Annie Hojung Hwang, Seoul National University


The Pleasures of Fricative Sounds in Hsia Yu’s Salsa and Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons

Constance Hsu, National Taiwan University


Emily’s 'Aventure of Love': Patriarchy, Amazon and Consolation of Love in Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale

Seonoh Kim, Seoul National University

Speech in Society: Multivalent Lives of Utterance

Crossing and Categorisation in Online Videos

Kelvin Wong, National University of Singapore


Stereotypical Dialects in Zootopia and its Implications

Seogyeong Choi, Seoul National University


The Potential of Language Objects: the Stylization and Display of Neoliberal Ideology in a Neon Sign

Andre Theng, University of Hong Kong


Towards Sinophone Dance Training: Theorizing the ‘Phone’ in Sinophone

Elizabeth Chan, National University of Singapore

Borderscapes: land, crossings and ecology

The Immunological Landscape of Boundaries

Cera Tan, National University of Singapore


Traversing (Post)Colonial Heterotopias: Opiums, Empire and Border-Crossing in Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies

Ning Lee, National Taiwan University


San1 Nin4/Shōgatsu: trans-cultural spatial discourse of ‘New Year’ in Hong Kong

Jasper Zhao Zhen Wu & Andre Theng, University of Hong Kong


Investigating the Feeling Animal: A Semiotic Approach To Multimodality and Affect in Our Planet

Christian Go, National University of Singapore


Bioregional Imagination to Address Climate Crises: Myth, Ritual and Reality at the Bengal Frontier

Monirul Huq, University of Hong Kong